June 8, 2022

Traditional Vs Mini Implants

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What Works Best For You?

Both standard dental implants and mini dental implants offer a wide range of benefits to patients, ultimately providing them with a new smile and a new outlook on life.

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide a fixed solution to having removable partial or complete dentures. Implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances. When comparing traditional dental implants and mini dental implants, it’s important to keep in mind that every case is different. There’s no denying the revolutionary technology of the mini implant, and they often shine when in capable hands. The standard implant still has its place among many experts, however, and determining what route is best for the patient is often the deciding factor. Let’s dive into each one of these methods.

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional or Standard Dental Implants are artificial roots and teeth (usually titanium) that are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw bone. The teeth attached to implants are very natural looking and often enhance or restore a patient’s smile. These conventional dental implants usually have separate screws and posts, requiring a two-stage implantation, where the bone and gum tissue is allowed to grow around the screw before the crown or dental appliance is attached to the screw via a post. Dental implants are very strong, stable, and durable. They last many years, and can be tightened if affected by normal wear and tear.

Benefits of Traditional Dental Implants:

  • Replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space
  • Restore chewing, speech, and digestion
  • Restore a patient’s confident smile
  • Support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable
  • Restore or enhance facial tissues

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are similar to traditional dental implants and perform the same function, however they are about half the size and structured differently; offering some key advantages. Their small diameter often offers a better fit and easier implantation for small teeth, small gaps, and narrow jaws. In addition, mini implants have only two parts rather than three like standard implants. In a mini implant, the post is attached to the screw. This structure allows for single-stage implantation where the screw is secured to the bone and the tooth or dental appliance is immediately mounted.

Mini Dental Implants are a fast and very effective way to stabilize dentures or to replace missing teeth. In addition to saving time in the dental office, patients have far less discomfort following this procedure due to its minimally involved nature. These procedures often cost a fraction of the cost normally associated with larger implants because they are so time efficient, requiring less time at the office for patients.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants:

  • Simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure
  • Immediate results
  • Improved attractiveness of your smile
  • Cost effective
  • Restored confidence with speaking and eating
  • Preserves bone and facial structure
  • Anchoring for dentures or cemented crowns & bridges

How Do Traditional Implants and Mini Dental Implants Compare?

Every patient’s case is unique, and there are several factors to consider when you and your dentist determine the best option for you.

Number of visits

The techniques used to implant mini implants and conventional implants are different. Specifically, traditional dental implants may require several visits to the dentist separated by a healing period. This spread-out schedule is often necessary, as conventional implants require bone to grow around the implant. Mini implants, by contrast, are often placed in a single visit because they do not need to be completely attached to the jaw bone before mounting the crown or denture.


The mini dental implant has the edge here. The mini dental implant procedure is often less invasive than traditional dental implants. This is due in part to the size of the implant, which results in a smaller incision and a smaller drilled hole. Mini dental implants also often require fewer visits to the dental office than conventional dental implants.


Mini implants are usually less expensive than conventional implants because they require fewer visits and the procedure itself is easier and much less involved. Mini dental implants normally do not require bone grafts, which may increase expenses. Oftentimes mini dental implants cost around half as much as conventional implants, although every case will vary.

Recovery time

Patients with mini implants often experience discomfort for a few days but are able to chew normally the same day of treatment. Patients with conventional dental implants may go through a recovery and adjustment period after each visit. The smaller size of mini implants may also result in a less painful experience.


The durability and duration of both mini dental implants and conventional dental implants are very long. Traditional dental implants have been around longer and are considered by some as the stronger option, however if an implant needs to be replaced, a mini dental implant is generally easier to replace because it has fewer parts and requires less invasive surgery.

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