September 29, 2021

Mini Dental Implants

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Why Choose Us For Your Mini Dental Implants?

Specially Trained Staff

Specially trained to assist with your mini implant treatment, our knowledgeable staff members are experienced in all aspects of implant treatments, and often continue their education through advanced staff training programs.

Our Equipment & Facility

Our state of the art facility is well equipped with modern and next-gen equipment, allowing us to continue delivering specialized services. We aim to meet and exceed the highest quality standards of safety and infection control

Proven Results

When placed by properly trained and experienced dentists, studies across thousands of cases have shown the success rate of mini dental implants to be greater than 95%. Be sure to ask if you are a candidate for this revolutionary procedure today.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

  • A simple non-surgical procedure
  • Restored confidence with speaking and eating
  • Beautiful new smile
  • Cost effective
  • Preserves facial and bone structure
  • Quick results

Replace Your Missing Teeth In No Time

For years mini dental implants have been used to hold denture plates in position, helping patients with the ability to speak, eat, and smile with comfort and confidence. Expanded use of this non-surgical mini implant technology for anything from replacing a single tooth to a full mouth restoration is prevalent in today’s dentistry. Mini dental implants boast a 95% success rate among thousands of cost-effective procedures.

In your initial consultation, impressions and x-rays are taken of your mouth and the entire process begins. Upon treatment, your dentist will place your implant(s). A single tooth can be replaced in as little as 30 minutes without any need to grind down any healthy tooth enamel. Unlike the extended healing times and high costs associated with traditional implants, patients who receive mini implants can enjoy the foods they love the very same day. Similarly, this procedure can be used to replace multiple missing teeth in about an hour.

Before & After

The revolutionary mini dental implant procedure allows patients to achieve not only the smile of their dreams but the functionality necessary for everyday life.

Regain your confidence with the help of mini dental implants. Mini dental implants help patients enjoy the foods they love and smile in pictures like they haven’t been able to do in years. One free consultation can start your journey today.

Denture Stabilization In As Little As One Visit

1. A custom denture is fabricated.

2. Four or more implants are placed in one visit. The procedure requires only a few drops of local anesthesia. Each implant is placed quickly and easily. Your denture is then retro-fitted to snap on the mini implant retention heads. The mini implant system requires no extensive surgery, and with some care are ready for immediate use.

3. Laugh, smile, and speak comfortably and confidently.

Our Testimonials

Patient Reviews

Our patients speak for themselves. See what others are saying as they share their experiences.

I could not be happier with this dental office. From the receptionists to the techs to the doctor, they have been more than accommodating and responsive. Even when I forgot my appt time the night before, they emailed me a response at 7:30 pm. They are so pleasant and everyone there wants you to be calm and happy and does their best to make that happen, even when you have anxiety. Special thanks to Natalie who sat and talked with me and took my mind off things and eased my fears. Doctor Sam was great and this was so much more painless than I imagined. The office is clean, welcoming and caring.

Ashley S.Happy Patient

Excellent first visit! Receptionist very kind courteous. Hygienist very gentle, patient and informative. Dr. Sam took quality time to discuss options for optimal dental care. So glad I discovered Liberty Dental Arts for my new dentist.

Catherine P.Happy Patient

The people there are so kind and were always accommodating to my busy school schedule! They genuinely care about their patients and are very understanding. All the staff that I’ve encountered were really nice and a pleasure to be around! I definitely recommend this place!

Ann D.Happy Patient